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There is a reason Cappadocia is famous for its hot air balloons.Every morning just after dawn the sky is filled with balloons of all coloursfloating dreamily across the valleys. The feeling of being up in the air isincredible and every journey is guaranteed to be unique and magical. Eachballoon flight relies on an unrepeatable pattern of wind conditions and istherefore an experience to cherish forever.

We welcome our visitors in style by picking them up dirctly fromtheir accommodations in service mini-vans and bringing them to the main officeof the company they are flying with. Visitors are then checked off the guestlist and given a balloon pass/safety information card, before being registeredfor the flight. After registration, visitors are welcome to enjoy a full buffetbreakfast with fruit, cereal, cakes and wide selection of drinks. Later,visitors are invited back to the mini-vans and transported to the balloonlaunch site, which is usually a short 10-minute drive.

Visitors arrive at the launch site in time to see the balloonitself being inflated with large industrial-sized fans. The sky is dark at thispoint, providing the first photographic opportunity – the chance to capture theballoons spread out in the valley, sporadically illuminating with the light of powerful orange flames asthey steadily inflate.

The standard balloon basket is divided into four sections, withfive visitors per each section. This is the optimal layout that ensures theweight the basket will carry is evenly spread out and balanced. Flight crewmembers are on hand at all times to answer questions and to assist visitorsinto the basket once the balloon is fully prepared for its voyage. And then atlast the balloon takes off and the adventure begins!

Take-off in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia is so smooth thatvisitors will not feel the moment the balloon leaves the ground and enters theair. The ascent is steady and dreamlike and the wind determines the directionof travel. Fellow balloons fill the sky above, below and around, creating thesea of hot air balloons suspended over the volcanic valleys of Cappadocia.

Flight durations may vary but most of them last approximately onehour. Over the course of the flight, the sun climbs higher and higher, slowlyfilling the landscape with an incredibşe warm glow that has to be seen to bebelieved. Balloon captains in Cappadocia are among the most experiencedballooning practitioners in the world. We ask our visitors to watch out for theway that captains are frequantly able to land the balloon basket directly onthe truck trailer bed. Landings are one of the most exciting moments andhandlers are fixed inside the baske for visitors to steady themselves (thoughthey are more of a precaution than necessity).

After disembarking, visitors are again met by crew members who helpthem to go our of the basket, pour out champagne and give our certificatesmemorialising the flight. From ground transportation, breakfast, safetyinstructions, champage and certificates, not to mention the experience of alifetime in the skies of Cappadocia, a balloon flight with us is invaluable!

In our offer you may find:

• Standard Balloon Flight

– duration of approximately 60 minutes
– basket size between 20 and 24 people
– price 70EUR per person for cash payment and +10 Euro pp forcredit card payment.

• Comfort Balloon Flight

– duration of approximately 60 minutes
– basket size up to 16 people
– price 100EUR per person and same prices for credit card payment.

Deluxe Balloon Flight

– duration of approximately 60 minutes
– basket size up to 12 people

– price 160EUR per person and +10 Euro pp for credit card payment

For all the flights explained above – children under 6 cannot fly.

ATTENTION! Prices of balloon flights depend on the season. Pleaseask for exact prices for the time of your stay in Cappadocia 🙂

For more information do not hesitate to contact with us!

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